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By: MyTwoBugs | November 16, 2012

As you face a difficult and often times highly emotional time...

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By: MyTwoBugs | November 09, 2012

Long established is the premise that a dispute between a parent and non parent is not a contest of equals.  Let’s say you are a grandparent or a psychological parent (parent that has helped raise the child but not the biological parent) and you want to continue to see the child and possibly even be allocated parental responsibilities for the child(ren) after a bitter breakup.  You want to know what your options are in continuing your relationship with the child(ren). 

The Colorado Court of Appeals recently clarified the standard to apply in these situations. Prior to this Court of Appeals Decision, there was confusion as to whether the non parent had to prove that the parent was unfit or that the parent would likely make...

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